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Management and disposal of industrial waste

  • Service diversification and completeness

    A more than 20-year partnership with major realities in the fields of industrial waste incineration, landfill, storage, purification, treatment, composting, recovery and recycle represents our major strength. The knowledge of the territory and market enables us to diversify and always have one or more options to offer to the client.

  • Optimization, efficiency and saving

    Throughout the years we have acquired competences and knowledge that have often enabled us to collaborate to the optimization of companies’ production cycles, contributing in this way to the lowering of waste disposal costs. Our clients are mainly made up of small, medium-big sized or multinational companies, but also landfills, storage and purification plants.

  • Free counselling and continuity

    We have always been on the market and we believe it is our duty to be constantly updated and prepared. We are able to support those companies, which choose to work with us also from a bureaucratic and legislative point of view. Our aim is to look for the most correct answer or solution, assessing the possible options to find the right balance between price and type of disposal.